Olivier Mourrieras as your speaker

Like you, we’d like your colleagues to feel they WANT TO rather than they HAVE TO drive customer experience improvements.
3 themes to engage and energise your teams to deliver a world class customer experience

Customer Experience Masterclass: getting your team and middle management to a basic understanding of what is customer experience and how to manage it

Customer Experience new competitive battle ground: your senior leadership audience will understand what it takes to differentiate sustainably

Customer Experience delivery machine: your audience of delivery leaders will gain clarity on how to effectively and efficiently improve customer experience

Olivier Mourrieras’ bio

Olivier Mourrieras is a customer passionate, charismatic and results driven executive. He has spent over 12 years in shaping and delivering market leading customer experience strategies for companies in the top half of the Fortune 500 ranking. From laying out foundations to building sustainable capabilities, Olivier shares his insight on what it takes to put the customer at the heart and deliver change with spectacular results. and delivering differentiating customer journeys and solutions offering value for the customer and for the business. Among others, the Orange and E.ON stories are used as best practice cases by leading consultancy and analysts firms globally.

Olivier’s background in customer facing operations brings a very human, empathetic and pragmatic touch to his energizing stories that will leave the lasting memories you want your audience to remember.

Customer quotes:

“I had the privilege of teaming up with Olivier Mourrieras when he was Chair of the Global Customer Experience & Innovation Summit in Amsterdam. His skills and enthusiasm as facilitator linking together the various angles of ‘Customer Experience” were supreme. Olivier’s views on innovative and efficient Customer Experience strategies, how to execute and drive a transformation with tangible results created inspiring debates and broadened horizons.”

Mette Tang, Customer Experience Director, SAP Northern Europe

“We had successful days full of inspiration, passion and learning. As the chairman of the event, Olivier was a true asset for the conference with his ambition and enthusiasm. He orchestrated in a very lively manner both speakers and participants who are coming from different sectors, companies and countries.”

Alper Eksioglu – TEB, Customer Experience Manager