Working Together

Customer Experience Reality Check:

As a starter and over the course of a few days, we hold the mirror and help you:
- Gain visibility of your organization customer experience readiness
- Track your progress in building customer experience muscle and identify actionable priorities.

Customer Experience Road Mapping:

Once we understand your organization customer experience readiness, we help you:
- Identify key actions required to build capabilities towards a desired state
- Structure and staff your programme
- Embark your leadership team on the path

Our CX-impact road mapping is based on our four customer experience disciplines:

Strategy and commitment

– Create or reinforce the burning platform: why is customer experience so important for you company
– Align the customer experience vision with company strategy, business goals and brand promise
– Identify and mobilise the key stakeholders and sponsorship
– Create and manage a customer experience capability roadmap

Culture and management

– Translate the customer experience vision into customer experience principles
– Mobilise colleagues through internal communications, story telling and customer closeness
– Leverage and integrate into HR tools (hiring, on-boarding, training, rewarding, awarding)
– Turn employees into ambassadors
– Drive performance and change through solid governance
– Prioritise and manage specific high impact projects

Understanding customers

– Set up voice of customer and research methodologies
– Generate, share and use customer insights
– Steer metrics framework, KPI’s and reporting
– Create and manage business case to enable on-going and future investments
– Embed key customer insight capabilities
– Turn insights to life through customer immersion

Experience improvement, design and innovation

– Improve the experience in the front and back office using customer feedback loops (inner and outer loop)
– Address root causes using process improvement methodologies
– Improve key moments of truth using customer journey mapping
– Create new experience with experience design and design thinking tools
– Focus on high impact and must win battles with cross-functional improvement sprints

Advising and Coaching:

When your plan is ready, you may want to:
- Get advice to fill your capability gaps and increase your personal impact leveraging best practices
- Shape your personalized coaching support to fit your requirements during your first 100 days of delivery


From the beginning, an engaging and a collaborative approach is critical to success and you want to ensure through 1 or 2 day training sessions that your team and stakeholders understand what is customer experience, why it is important and how to improve it in your company.

Knowledge transfer:

Tools and methodologies will only be useful if your colleagues and yourself will use them. CX-impact provide support in a way that will optimize the knowledge transfer to yourself and your colleagues during the time we work together.