Help you engage and lead your business to noticeably improve your customer experience for a stronger return.



We thrive on making a meaningful difference, leaving things better than we found them for colleagues and customers.


We always share our experience, energy and learnings to speed up your journey and give you and your customers great value.


We’re open and honest and will share things as they are, holding up the mirror so you can get closer to customers and make informed decisions.


We’ll challenge you and support you to meet ambitious objectives. We’ll drive hard for results whilst recognising your heroes and creating a positive momentum for your customer experience programme.

Why work with CX-impact?

Because we understand what’s it’s like, how hard it can be … we’ve been there!

Because CX-impact will only ever work with people who understand customer experience and have the relevant experience to help you and your business. Because we don’t work on non-customer experience projects, this is our passion and our expertise. So ...

If you have the accountability and the passion to improve customer experience across your company or in your business unit, If you need advice to start, accelerate or restart your customer experience improvement plans, If you need to make an impact fast (and be seen to do so!) to support your company goals,

Let’s work together